Benefits of Cranberry Pills and the Best Cranberry Pills to Take

Cranberries are more than a delicious alternative to kick your trail mix up a notch. More than that, there are many health benefits of cranberries, and cranberry pills–and taking them. This small, but robust fruit comes packed with an array of benefits inconsistent with their size. Lucky for consumers, the potent benefits of a cranberry have been concentrated into pill or tablet form for easy consumption.

what are some of the best health benefits of cranberry pills? Find out

Incorporating cranberries into your diet via pill is helpful for anyone who may not enjoy the taste, as well as those concerned about their caloric intake. Locating cranberry pills is easy, they are carried at most any drug store in the pharmacy section. So why should you consider taking cranberry supplements? There are a multitude of beliefs surrounding the medicinal abilities of cranberries, a few of which originated from Native Americans who used them for bladder and kidney diseases.

A modern review published in 2012 by the Journal of American Medicine Association studied 1,616 diverse subjects over the course of thirteen trials. It was concluded that cranberries are associated with protective effect against Urinary Tract Infections, especially in susceptible populations. However, due to the diverse characteristics of each subject, it was noted that the effects should be considered on a similar basis. For this reason, the conclusion was stated as tentative but justified.

This hesitation is common considering that most cranberry studies are considered to be of low quality. While this does not mean that cranberry supplements do not help, it is recommended that it only be taken as a supplement, and not as a treatment unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor. According to the American Family Physician, the dosage for UTI prevention is recommended at or around one tablet of 300 to 400 milligrams twice a day. A recent study published in 2016 conducted research targeting cancer, which “revealed positive effects of cranberries or cranberry derived constituents against 17 different cancers utilizing a variety of in vitro techniques”. Following the per-clinical effects, it was determined that future clinical studies should be strongly considered.

Other studies include prevention of acne, intestinal tumors and cardiovascular disease. After considering the benefits of cranberry supplements and how they could play a role in your life, it is equally important when deciding which brand is right for you. Key facts to consider are how much of the supplement actually contains cranberry extract. Reading the label will ensure you know exactly what the product is made of and how much. You should also look into where it is made as manufacturing laws and regulations play a large part in the safety taken in creating the product. It is important to remember that dietary supplements will never be FDA approved as they are classified as food supplements and not medicine. For this reason any claim that a supplement has FDA approval is false. Listed below are a few highly reviewed options.

Some of The Best Cranberry Pills Available

Nature’s Bounty Triple Strength Cranberry

These soft-gels are recommended once to twice daily and contain 504 mg of cranberry concentrate. They are sugar, lactose and gluten free, and contain no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. Each serving provides 40 mg of vitamin C and six IU of vitamin E.

PureCo Cranberry Concentrate

These capsules are recommended once to twice daily and contain 500 mg of cranberry. They are gluten free, vegan, non-GMO and organic. This particular supplement prides itself on zero unrelated ingredients outside of the vegan capsule holding the product together.

Azo Cranberry Softgels

These soft-gels are recommended once to twice daily and contain 500 mg of cranberry extract and 120 mg of vitamin C. This product claims to be especially potent for urinary tract cleanliness as it contains all-natural Pacran; a concentrated whole fruit cranberry powder.

Now Cranberry Caps

These capsules are recommended once to twice daily and contain 1400 mg of cranberry. They are nut and gluten free, vegetarian, and Kosher, as well as organic and non-GMO. To top it all, they have had an ‘A’ rating through the Natural Products Association for 18 years in a row since the organization’s inception.

Nature Made Super Strength Cranberry

These soft-gels are recommended twice daily and contain 450 mg of cranberry, as well as vitamin C. It is gluten, yeast, and starch free, and promises no preservatives, artificial flavors, or synthetic dyes. This brand is well known for being a readily available and affordable option.

These cranberry pills are fairly affordable. Considering all the potential health benefits of cranberry pills, there is little reason to not consider spending a few dollars on some of the best cranberry pills you can find on the market.