Bog Hollow Farm
Field Trips
  • Educational Field Trip  
  • Learn about cranberry farming through the seasons
  • Build your own Bog in a Cup
  • Discover the wildlife that live around our bogs
  • Learn about the cranberry harvest
  • Go on the cranberry bog and pick your own fresh

  • Pumpkin Patch Field Trip
  • Go for a hay wagon ride to the pumpkin patch
  • Each child receives their own pumpkin
  • Go on the cranberry bog and pick your own cranberries
During the harvest season, we offer two
types of school field trips:

** Please note we DO NOT do bog tours. **
** Our field trips are designed for schools **
Space is limited
Please call 781-585-8414 to schedule your group
Thank you for your
continued support.

As of Summer 2017 we
have decided to end our
& Preschool


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